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Second Quarter 2019 Corporate M&A, Market, and Economic Update

The market during the second quarter of 2019 continued to move upwards, yielding moderate returns for the quarter. The trade war with China continues to be a cause for caution, and Hong Kong protesters shut down a bill allowing extradition of Hong Kong citizens to the mainland. Finally, fears of recession loom, but ample liquidity tells us that there may not be cause for concern.

Highlights Include:   

  • Second Quarter Market Overview
  • M&A Atmosphere
  • Top M&A Transactions
    • Zayo Group acquired by Digital Colony
    • Clarios acquired by Brookfield Asset Management
    • Array BioPharma acquired by Pfizer (NYS: PFE)

Click to download our General Quarter 2 2019 Mergers & Acquisitions Update

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Are you Ready, Patient One? – Virtual Reality in Healthcare White Paper

After just receiving knee replacement surgery, you begin to hike the Rocky Mountains. After you reach Pikes Peak, you take off your Virtual Reality glasses, and take a break from your rehabilitation in the health center. Is this the plot line to Ernest Cline’s book Ready Player One, or upcoming implementations of Virtual Reality in healthcare?

We cover a few trends we are seeing in Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR), including surgical training, therapies, and patient engagement. In our attached white paper, we highlight:

  • A History of VR/AR
  • VR/AR Investment Activity
  • VR/AR Healthcare Companies
  • Potential VR/AR use cases

Download our Virtual Reality in Healthcare Whitepaper

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Blockchain in Healthcare White Paper

Blockchain has gained popularity through the hype surrounding crypto currencies. The underlying technology, however, has potential far beyond a simple digital currency. The healthcare industry is experimenting with blockchain and finding areas where a blockchain technology can have practical use.

In our paper we discuss:

  • What blockchain is
  • The benefits of blockchain
  • The types of blockchains
    • Private
    • Consortium
    • Public
  • Healthcare Blockchain Implementations
    • Sharing provider information
    • Pharmaceutical supply chain regulation
    • Credentialing
    • Medical record interoperability

Download our Blockchain White Paper