White Paper – Healthcare Cybersecurity and Compliance – Investment Update – Jan 2023 Cybersecurity is a top concern at hospitals and healthcare providers and even now with M&A professionals within due diligence. The growth in security breaches and regulatory requirements has increased the need of expert service providers to support and protect. Read the summary of the current market issues, statistics, investors, and outlook for the healthcare cybersecurity industry.  Read Here


White Paper – Cryptocurrency in Healthcare – October 2021

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White Paper – Arrival of Autonomous Vehicles in Transportation – August 2020
Read the latest on autonomous vehicles and applications and opportunities in trucking and healthcare.

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White Paper – Women’s Health Investments – June 2020

Read the latest on the women’s health space

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White Paper – VR/AR in Healthcare – February 2019

Read the latest on the usage cases for VR/AR in the healthcare sector.

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White Paper – Blockchain in Healthcare – Fall 2018

Read the latest on the usage cases for blockchain in the healthcare sector.

Blockchain in Healthcare – White Paper Nov 2018


White Paper – Medical Marijuana – Fall 2017
Read the latest on the current environment and positioning of investors within Medical Marijuana.
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White Paper – Personalized Medicine Revolution – Fall 2016
Read the latest on the changing personalized medicine market including genomic sequencing and what it means to your health or business.
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White Paper – Telehealth Opportunities and Challenges Fall 2015
Read the latest on the changing telehealth market.
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