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Lawrence, Evans & Co. specializes in assisting small to medium-sized businesses that find themselves in uncharted territory due to mergers and acquisitions, changes in corporate leadership or large shifts in their established markets.

Selected Current Mandates:
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Project Phoenix (in Market Oct 2023)

Physician Medical Billing Corporate Divestiture – Anesthesia and Surgery Focused.

Add-on Acquisition Opportunity

Project Arrowhead (in Market Oct 2023)

Hospital divestiture of Home Health and Hospice

Acquisition Opportunity

Executive Summary (coming soon)

LECO NDA – Project Arrowhead Oct 2023 (coming soon)

Project Recovery & Care: Behavioral Health – Primary Care (In Market Aug 2023) 

Multi-site outpatient Integrated Care Model – Behavioral Health and Primary Care; Midwest US- based

Growth Investment or Acquisition Opportunity $4.7M EBITDA

Platform or Add-on

Executive Summary

LECO NDA – Project R&C Aug 2023 (Under LOI)

Project Crown (Contact Us)

Hospital Focused Revenue Cycle Management Company – Early Out/Denial Mgmt

Growth Investment or Acquisition Opportunity

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Project TBD Behavioral Health Software (Coming Q4 2023) 

Leading Behavioral Health Software  $1.2M EBITDA

Growth Investment or Acquisition Opportunity

Teaser coming soon

Project HC Cyber TBD – (Q4 2023) 

Growth Equity Healthcare Cybersecurity Software and Compliance Company $10M Revenues

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Project Fuji – (On Hold Q4 2023) 

Partnership or Sale of a Healthcare Cybersecurity and Compliance Company

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Project Glamour – Eyes (On Hold) check back early 2024

Ophthalmology & Optometry Practice Group; Southeast US- based

Growth Investment or Acquisition Opportunity

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Project Managed IT

A Midwest based managed IT company doing a roll up strategy seeking a capital partner

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Buy-side Medical Billing Company

Medical Billing Company is targeting US Based medical billing and technology companies $1 million – $15 million in annual revenues.

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Healthcare Development & Innovation Group LLC HDIG

HDIG is the most comprehensive resource for healthcare innovation centers​. Search all healthcare innovation, venture, and tech transfer entities around the world. Benchmarking for organizations to measure their performance. Search top performers and partner or allocate capital to not only products and services that improve healthcare outcomes, but also those that mean a financial return on their investment. HDIG_Innovation_Overview 2023



Hashed Health exists to improve and empower the health of individuals and communities through innovation.

Hashed Health is a leading venture studio in the healthcare sector. We partner with healthcare and life sciences enterprises and entrepreneurs to introduce new business models for problems that can only be solved through collaboration.



The approximately $56,800,000 Project is designed as a comprehensive medical fitness and human performance institute connected, via a common atrium, to an approximately +/-150,000 SQ FT mixed use retail and medical office building that will be developed by Tavistock that will drive a steady flow of patient referrals into the health and wellness center. Signet and Tavistock have formed a strategic partnership to create an integrated offering of health and wellness solutions for the Lake Nona Community. The Project will include a mix of economical, functional and modern clinical, medical fitness and human performance spaces needed to best serve and deliver the highest level of health and wellness services to the nearby communities. LECO principal has participated in a $12,700,000 equity round for the construction and operation of an approximately 130,000 SQ FT Health and Wellness

Center located in Orlando, Lake Nona, Florida.   Promotional Video: https://vimeo.com/203895369

Include Health provides an integrated digital health & wellness ecosystem that pairs HIPAA compliant cloud software, health informatics sensors, and inclusive equipment. Their unique combination of technologies transforms health & wellness to optimize ease of use, efficiency and outcomes.


Mingle Analytics, Inc. (“Mingle”) provides a reliable and affordable suite of quality reporting solutions for healthcare practices. Mingle blends advanced analytics in its proprietary suite of software with consultative services in its team of highly skilled healthcare professionals to collect, compile, analyze and submit data to comply with rapidly increasing quality reporting requirements. Recently, Mingle Analytics has merged with SilverVue to form Mingle Health.


ActiveWrite transforms document creation, sharing and editing. Instead of storing documents as files, their contents are converted into logical data components or objects, such as paragraphs, headings, tables, charts, and lists. This allows tracking of individual items of content as they are created and changed over time. No need to keep updating and saving whole documents. All content objects have their own security permissions. And so much more. Net net, control issues are a thing of the past. You are in control with ActiveWrite.